Electronic Giving

With the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus, all of us are in the midst of great financial instability.  For us at Sts. Mary and Martha Parish, things are particularly shook.

Without public celebration of Masses, there is no collection/offering, and a grave disruption of weekly funding for our parish.

If you currently use weekly giving envelopes, please drop them in the mail or insert them through the mail-slot at the front door of the office at 299 Clark St, Auburn, NY 13021.

Or, virus-free giving! Text the phrase “Give” to 315-216-2873 and follow the prompts.

Electronic Giving
Fast, Easy & Secure
Support Saints Mary & Martha through Electronic Giving.
Have your contribution debited from your checking or savings account
and deposited into the church’s account safely and electronically.
You will never need to remember your checkbook or wallet again.

The form can be download from our website or picked up in the back of church.
Thank you for your continued support!
Click on link below to download the form.

Electronic Giving Form