Doorway Ministry

Are You Called to Help Those Who Are Hurting?
Life teaches us to be natural caregivers for others through the serious challenges we have already faced in our own lives. We may be hesitant, however, to engage others because we do not feel equipped or are reluctant to approach someone who is hurting. The Doorway Ministry located at Sts. Mary and Martha Offices and lead by Dc. Dennis, a NYS licensed counselor, would like to offer those who are called to provide Christ-centered care to others who are hurting, the needed training and direction to minister confidently. If you feel that you may be called to this ministry and wish to learn more, please contact Dc. Dennis at 315-406-1538 cell/text or email: [email protected] or simply drop by on Wednesday during regular Doorway Ministry hours of 9 AM to noon (3 to 6 PM the last Wednesday of the month).