Martha Ministry

The death of a loved one is a very difficult experience. At times, the loss may feel overwhelming and many decisons must be made in a short time period. Our faith community can show its support, not only by praying for the family at mass, but by reaching out and offering hospitality after the funeral.

The Martha Ministry performs a unique and much-appreciated service to the St. Francis/St. Hyacinth parish families attending the funeral mass of a loved one. Our purpose is to help others during the day of sadness and grief. Hopefully, we are looked upon as messengers of God’s word and Jesus’ work of loving one another and taking care of our friends and neighbors.

The ministry of hospitality mis brought about by offering a modest meal to the family and friends after the funeral. This act of kindness helps take one of the many burdens off the family’s shoulder. There is no charge to the family for this ministry. This ministry relies heavily on parish volunteers, who prepare the food, set up, serve or clean up. Each group can always use additional volunteers.

If you would like additional information about the Martha’s Ministry, please contact the following:

Mary DiSanto 315-253-6589