First Communion – First Eucharist

  • Youth should be enrolled in Catholic School or Religious Education for two years (one full year plus the year of the Sacrament) prior to making this Sacrament so that the child can receive adequate basic catechesis so the Sacrament is a free response of faith.
  • Families should attend Mass weekly with their child.
  • Youth should have reached the age of reason (seven years old)
  • Youth should be prepared for First Penance prior to receiving First Communion.
  • Sacramental preparation is separate from regular Religious Education time
  • Sacraments are not based on grade level. Readiness is determined by the catechetical leader, the pastoral administrator, and the parent.
  • First Communion is normally celebrated the first Sunday in May. Please call the office for the date.
  • The Diocese of Rochester’s Sacramental Guide for Parents tri-fold on the Sacrament of First Communion